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Air y’all a Hillbilly?

Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n y’alls mother don’t remove t’Marlboro from her’n lips afore tellin’ t’State Trooper ta kiss her’n’s butt.”
26 Novemb'r 2014 Las updatid at 02:02 Pleece n' Hong Kong say mer thun 80 folk have bee arrestid overniite n' clashes wit pro-democracy protesters. T' unrest kum as t'autheritees, acktin un a court ord'r, cummenced dismantleeun' a protest camp… Moe a'readin' 
(Reuters) - CBS Corp an' satellite operater Dish Netwerk avoidet a blackout o'CBS TV shows an' its heevilee watchet Thanksgivyun' Day NFL game as t'acoupla sides agreet ta extend t'deedline into nex week n' ord'r ta hash out t'deetails o'a… Moe a'readin' 
Flickr/LeWeb13Ub'r is close ta raisyun' a new roun o'fundyun' at would value it tween $35 an' $40 billyun, accerdyun' ta Bloomberg. T. Rowe Price is sed ta be amungst t'new investers. T' valuashun matches whut Bizness Insid'r's Henry Blodget heerd… Moe a'readin' 
26 Novemb'r 2014 Las updatid at 01:12 By David Shukmun Science editer, BBC Noose Usin aerosols ta block solar radiashun represants one apperach ta geo-engineeryun' Schemes ta tackle climate change could proov disastryus fer billeeuns o'folk, but mite be rekwiret… Moe a'readin' 
YouTubeCarl LedbetterWhe it kums ta tech, thinn'r is t'new norml. Microsoft's Xbox One, tho, goes agin t'grane. It weighs roun 8 pounds an' is purty chunky, speshly compard wit uther consoles it's competyun' wit. It's eve bigg'r thun slimmest vershun… Moe a'readin' 
HPHP CEO Meg Whitmun See Also So hoe do y'all tell t'worl at y'all air goin ta carve up un $111 billyun cumpny — t' biggest, mos complicatid spin off ev'r —  without freekyun' out yer investers,… Moe a'readin' 
Vice Presdint Joe Bide lookt stricke Mundie. Defents Secretree Chuck Hagel kep his'n saggy eyes fixd un Presdint Obamie as t'comman'r-n'-chief cut his'n defents secretree a'loose. Befor un awkward hug, t'presdint endet Hagel’s gummint care'r, callin t'Vietnam veterun an' ferm'r… Moe a'readin' 
26 Novemb'r 2014 Las updatid at 00:59 By Imoge Foulkes BBC Noose, Geneva T' Refugee wuz puntid by Felix Nussbaum n' 1939, wen t'artist, who wuz Jewish, had alreddy bee fercet ta flee Nazi Germany - he lat'r diet n'… Moe a'readin' 
China has leviet about $140 million n' back taxes frum Microsoft Corp n' t'furst majer case concernyun' cross-berd'r tax evasion n' t'kuntry, as regulaters ramp up preshure un U.S. cerporatyuns a'doin bizness thar. Accerdyun' ta un articull publishet by China’s… Moe a'readin' 
Dallas (AFP) - T' Dallas Cowboys an' Philadelfia Eagles meet Thirsdee n' a showdown o'NFL divisyunal co-leeders wit fer uther clubs fitin fer playoff spots also un t'US Thanksgivyun' holiday slate.N' addishun ta t'Cowboys-Eagles matchup o'8-3 teems fer t'NFC Eas… Moe a'readin' 


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